1 lb away from goal 2!

So, I managed to lose 1.8lbs this week! Which is amazing, It was a really crazy week, between having a small cold in the beginning, having an out patient “surgery” a few days later, and working 21 hours in 2 days, it has been insane, which probably helped a whole lot! Here are the results

Weight – 141 lbs
Body Fat – 27.8%
Body Water – 49.7%
Bone Mass – 7 lbs
Muscle Mass – 43.4 lbs

I am only 1 lbs away from my second mini goal, and hopefully I am able to hit that next week! If so then I’m going to reward myself with something, I think maybe a subscription to Women’s Health or something like that, maybe go buy a couple of magazines or something.

Either way I am very pleased, it has been an utterly crazy week, but I’ve managed and I am so glad I did.

Great American Beer Festival is today (free tickets from work), So I will be tasting a bunch of different beers I’m going to try to eat light all day to help with the empty calories for beer. They only pour a 1 oz tasting which is good and hopefully there won’t be more than say 16 breweries which will be only 1 pt of beer. My fingers are crossed!

Wish me luck!

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