2 days

In a row, still don’t know what I weigh. Yesterday was a cheat day for me, It was dave’s nephew’s birthday, so I made him a cake, and it turned out tasty, but that was the only way I cheated, it brought me above my calorie count, and although not too bad, after working out it still put me about 200 calories over my allotted calorie count… But 1 day out of a week, is not bad, and only 200 calories isn’t as bad as it could be. Over all I’m still determined, I will work out today even though dave refuses to work out with me. And hopefully I can get ahold of a scale within the next few days to see where I’m at, I think I’m back down to my 10 lb goal, but I now have another 7 lb goal… So hopefully I am maybe down a pound in that too so that I only have 6 to go, I know I’m being overly optimistic here but sometimes ya just gotta be, right?

Wish me luck!

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