My Life in a Nutshell

Ok, so its been a while and its been a rough couple weeks, with more ups and downs than the Tower of Terror…  But good things have happened too, so I’ll try my best to fill you in.

The Husband

Things with Nick are going great as always.  He is sticking with me like glue, even through the tough times.  Sometimes I wonder what I would ever do without him.

The House

We are still not done yet and until last week we weren’t feeling very optimistic.  But then a mini miracle happened!  CMP gave us power a full 10 days earlier than their guarantee date!  We couldn’t believe it (until we drove up there and saw it!)  Since then, we finally have running water and sewage, plus most of the drywall work is done and the doors have all been hung.  We still don’t have siding yet, which is a thorn in my side I think more than anyone elses.  I’ve been saying since the house was delivered that it wouldn’t really be real until I drove up and saw siding…  not Tyvek.  Seeing tyvek just makes it feel like a work in progress, but once the siding is done it feels like a house.  The siding guy is scheduled for Tuesday-Friday of this next week, so hopefully we are done after that!  We are looking at a slated move in date of the second week of July.  Fingers crossed!

The Writing

Its been really hard to convince myself to write since the memoir class ended.  But I’ve gotten in contact with one of my classmates and we are going to write back and forth once a week to get some feedback.  So stay tuned for more of those.

The Recovery

Therapy seems to have been hit and miss, some weeks I feel like we are making huge strides and other like we are way off topic.  This week seemed to be especially hard for me, but in therapy we made some strides.  I also saw a nutritionist for the first time, and I’m not sure what my expectations were going into it, but I left feeling confused.  My eating habits are not too bad according to her, we only have a couple of things that we can improve upon and we will work on those things and teaching me how to listen to my body.  All seems good, but its just frustrating for everyone to be like you’re doing good everything seems ok, well if thats the case why am I in this situation in the first place.

So this week I am going to attempt to find a way to eat something when I am busy at work that isn’t a muffin or scone, because although I don’t mind those on occasion I don’t want to eat them every day…  Plus I’m hungry again like 30 mins later, which is why I pick all morning long instead of just eating something that will keep me full longer.  Going to try a smoothie on the busy days that I don’t have time to cook for myself.

The Job

Some days work is great, and others it is really hard.  For a while I felt like I was stuck in the middle of people having no idea what they wanted for our breakfast, but now that seems to have calmed down.  We have put out good food and hopefully soon I can play around and put out some fun food too.

As for working in a kitchen with an eating disorder, its hard.  Who am I kidding, hard doesn’t even begin to cover it.  Every day is a battle, some worse than others, but every day I’m learning to deal with it, and most days it seems to get a little easier to handle.  So maybe in time it won’t seem so bad.


Well I’d say that is a good start.  Hopefully I’ll be able to post more on here in the coming weeks more regularly.

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  1. I can totally emphize with you & the problem you’re going though! Though I don’t have the eating issue, I’ve got a TON of my own health issues! Im making some strides forward but as you said…1 step forwd & 2 back at times. We are also remodeling our condo but Im the one that is doing it…another fursteration! lol I do hope you find your nitch between food & health and that life eases up for you. Sending you & the hubby TONS of LOVE!


    • LaurenRenee

      Thanks Bret. Its crazy the curve balls life throws at you. I think about you often, and I hope things start looking up rather quickly! My fingers are crossed for you in that regard. Our love to you and Dave!

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