46 days to freedom!

Ok, so that might be a little dramatic… But 46 days to being healthy and focusing a little more on myself than I have been in the recent past. Nick (my new husband) and I were discussing Lent and what we were going to give up, and knowing that he knows a lot more about the catholic religion than I do, I asked why we have to give something up, can’t we resolve to do something better for ourselves instead. I mean people quit smoking or drinking, others quit eating sweets, can’t instead of depriving myself of things I like, can’t I decide to do something better for myself over the course of the 40 days of lent? And Nick agreed it would be just as good of an idea. So here we go… During the next 40 days I will do a number of things.

1- I will work out 6 days a week (sunday’s being my day off as they are technically not included in the 40 days of lent)
2- I will eat healthy and track all of my calories daily, also trying to hit my bodybugg goals daily
3- I will do something I love every day, whether it is as simple as reading a few chapters in a book, or giving myself a self pedicure or manicure, etc.
4- I will do the necessarily basics daily including washing my face twice a day, brushing my teeth twice daily, flossing once a day, using mouthwash once a day, etc. Thing that we should all be doing daily no matter what, but that sometimes either get missed or just end up getting half-assed…
5- I will focus on stressing less about things I can’t control. Mainly regarding the house…
6- I will find a new job!
7- And last but not least I will blog about it!

Now that the stress of the wedding is over and done with, there are so many things still to be done. Thank You’s need to be written, things need to be put away, maine pictures need to be done. In addition to finishing up wedding stuff house stuff needs to be done. Paperwork needs to be signed, flooring needs to be re-picked out, ground needs to be broken, etc. Along with that I would also love to fit into my favorite bikini come beach season which is fast approaching. AND I also need to find a new job, as the thought of going back to my old one sends me into a near panic attack. With all of these things going on I know that if I don’t take some time for myself I will fall into a sort of depression of epic proportions, a terrible thought to say the least. So over the next 40 days (46 including sundays) I will be trying to focus on myself, to bring myself to a location where I am in a better position to deal with the stresses that are bound to come up over the course of my lifetime.

Wish me luck, as although it seems like an easy task, as always its easier said than done.

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