After a week!

Its been just over a week since I’ve started using Nexxus Hydra-Light and I thought I’d give another review.  Since first impressions can sometimes be deceiving.

In this case, most of my review remains true.  There have been a few changes though.  I’ve gotten used to the scent of the conditioner, I don’t mind it so much anymore, still a little strong but after a few days my nose got used to it.  Same goes for the root lifter, although its still a chemical smell, I got used to it.

As for the “Miracle” leave in treatment.  I still absolutely love it!  But to me it definitely is more like a styling foam rather than a leave in conditioner.  If you put it on wet hair and don’t blow dry, you end up with defined waves (if you have wavy hair, curls if you have curly hair) more like a mousse would.  If you blow dry it give a great texture and shine.  And everything else I said still stands.  I feel like its best to use on damp hair (not wet) and to blow dry afterwards.

I will still continue to use these products.  I’m so grateful for bzzagent for giving me these products for free to try and review.  I look forward to my next bzzcampaign (Garnier Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil, which finally shipped and a review is coming soon!)



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