Aggravating day

So today was definitely my cheat day… Whether I meant it to be or not. My boyfriend has been babysitting our nephews 8-5 for 5 days, and then had them both Friday-Sunday all day long… So I thought I’d be nice and wake up early to make everyone breakfast so that it was one less thing that he had to do. So I made whole wheat pumpkin nut pancakes, which were super tasty, along with eggs and center cut bacon. Plus a cup of juice, and my breakfast came to 500 calories… Which is almost 1/2 of my daily calories in 1 sitting… Lunch I tried to keep on the low calorie side because I wanted to be able to still eat something decent at work, so I just had a serving of cereal with skim milk, a yogurt, wheat thins with laughing cow light cheese, still not too bad except I was up to 900 calories already… So for dinner i was not allowed to have too much, so i stuck with a veggie burger no bun, 2 oz of turkey, and a small salad. but come midnight I was hungry again, so I had some club crackers and a 1/2 of a banana with some nutella fondue on it (there was some left over, and i only had about 1.5 tbsp…) Either way, I’m disappointed because not only did I not work out today, but this week I really wanted to be good, I wanted to be able to stick to it. These last 15 lbs are going to be the hardest and I know that, but cheating and eating badly isn’t going to help the situation.

I’m considering getting some sort of supplement that boost my metabolism and helps with appetite control because that seems to be my biggest problem. I’ll look on the website Dave looks at all the time and see what I can come up with.

On another note, we took the p90x fitness test yesterday and we both kicked some ass… My arms are killing me because at 8lb weights i maxed out with 50 bicep curls (i didn’t have any 10s and thought 15s would have been too heavy, I was wrong) I was only able to do 1/4 pull up from the hanging position, If i started standing, I could do 2 1/2, so that’s not too bad. the flexibility part I was good on +6.5 inches i think, and the vertical leap 13 inches. Although I learned that my heart rate drops awfully quick after stopping an intense work out. Within 4 minutes I was back at my resting heart rate, which is just CRAZY! Course that was only after 2 mins of jumping jacks with the last 30 seconds sprinting. Push ups, I did real ones, because I figured it would be a little tougher for me, and I did 18! I was really proud of myself. Over all it was nice to see that all the work we have been doing is paying off to the point where we can do things we couldn’t before.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to stick to the plan, eat healthy and not cheat AT ALL, and not taste at work (I have a habit of tasting things even though I don’t need to… and although I account for it in my diet, I wish I didn’t have to, and that’s what I’ll be working on, technically I should only have to taste when I am working the morning shift because that’s when everything is prepped, working at night I just cook for the restaurant, I don’t do any prep)

Wish me luck!

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