Almost 1/3 done!

So, I’ve been continuing to kick my butt on a daily basis with my workout. I’m almost to day 30 on power 90, Dave and I will be taking photos to see where we are compared to where we were, and I’ll be sure to post those on here when its done.

I’ve noticed myself being bad at work, eating a lot of sweets… I’ve cut out all the fried food from work (except last night I was starving and had some fries, and man did I regret it, I was bloated and hurting all night) I seem to want some chocolate a lot, which is weird cause usually chocolate isn’t my thing, but I like sweet stuff and when thats all I have near, I’ll go for it, which isn’t good cause its really fattening.

I’m really trying to do better though. Its just really hard, I think maybe I should bring a sweet snack to work with me so when I want something I have something there for me that is better than nutella or chocolate. Just have to find something that i can bring with me.

I have a total of 22 pounds to lose… 123 ending weight seems like a good number, right in the middle of the average bmi. I’m excited about it, Sometimes I feel like my goals are a little outlandish, so for right now I’ll keep focused on my 140 lb milestone. Only a couple pounds away from that. I’m determined to be healthier this week than I was last week! I’m determined! I’ll do it!

Wish me luck!

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