Almost there

Things seem to be continuing to go well, I’ve lost another pound which means I’m only 1 pound away from the original goal, and tomorrow I’ll be weighting again (a little early, but I was hoping to hit the 10 pound mark by the time i go to Maine). Hopefully I hit it! I’ve been really good these last few days, eating really healthy and drinking tons of water, and working out every day.

After I hit this goal, my next goal with be 7 more pounds, which will put me at 140 pounds when I’m done, after that I have 2 more goals at least, 5 pounds each, putting me over all at 130 pounds, a very muscular 130 pounds, hopefully around a size 3/4ish! I feel like for the first time I can do this on my own, no gimmicks no nothing, just eating healthy, and eating what I want within reason, and working out on a regular basis, with tons of cardio… 6 days a week cardio, 2 days a week strength training.

I’m bound and determined! I can’t wait!

Wish me luck!

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