Anastasia Lash Genius

The concept of this product is in fact genius!  It’s well-known that waterproof formulas are nothing like their non-waterproof counterparts…

Lash Genius

Scenario time:  Say you absolutely love the Lash Potion mascara from Revlon but you really need waterproof so that when you get out of seeing “The Fault in Our Stars” you don’t have raccoon eyes going on.  You go out and buy the Revlon waterproof mascara expecting it to be the same just waterproof.  Excited for a new mascara, you tear open the packaging start to apply it only to find out not only is the texture different than your favorite, but it doesn’t make your lashes look nearly as long and lush as the original formula!  Bummed you go to the movies and cry even harder than you should have to begin with.

This is where the Lash Genius is a great concept.  It is basically a top coat for your lashes.  Similar to a top coat for your nails this is supposed to help seal in your mascara making it waterproof.  I say it’s a great concept because it’s not perfect.  You do have to try your best to coat all of your lashes to ensure their waterproofing.  It can also alter the look of your mascara.

So, in the end – I would say this is a good option for a movie like “The Fault in Our Stars” or for a wedding but probably not ideal for a dip in the ocean.  For those of us who aren’t a huge fan of waterproof mascaras, this makes for a great compromise.  It retails for $21.00

So that sums up the Summer Glam Series!  Do you guys think there were any stand out products if so which ones are you interested in getting?

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