Asus and Galaxy S5

As everyone now knows Windows XP was put to sleep this week.  In turn Best Buy was offering a pretty awesome deal.  If you bring in any working XP computer you get $75 coupon off any new pc, mac or chromebook and $25 gift card for anything.  My previous computer was a Dell Netbook.  An old one.  I only paid $230 for it in the first place, back in 2009.    My netbook wasn’t working very good, in fact it was super slow and things like Chrome didn’t really work anymore.  Anyway it was kind of a pain.  Plus the fact that there was no more support made it a no brainer.

We went to Best Buy and sure enough I got my $100, and I found a couple of new laptops.  I just wanted something basic.  A way to get some homework done, a way to update my blog and social media, but also if I’m going to start up my youtube channel again I need a computer that I can edit videos on!  So I found an Asus that is pretty basic (and even in being basic is still about 4 times better than my old one!) the only down fall?  It has the dreaded Windows 8.

After playing with it over the last couple of days I can say that it for sure does take some getting used to.  And it is definitely made more for a touch screen than a mouse, but with that being said, I don’t mind it.  Maybe its because I’ve been using a Windows Phone for almost a year, but there are some really convenient parts to it.  Like being able to get to the start menu by swiping against the touch pad from the left and getting to the settings by doing the same from the right.  I do like the live tiles, always liked them for the phone too.  Plus if you aren’t a fan and just want your old desktop you have that option too.

For the price I couldn’t go wrong.  Better than what I had and in the end only ended up costing me $168.99 which included the laptop, a case, a wireless mouse, a 8gb flash drive and 6 months of security.   Pretty awesome deal, especially when its even more than that online!

I also got sick of having a Windows Phone, mostly because I wanted to do so many things but the apps just weren’t available.  I was ecstatic a couple months ago when Instagram finally came out, but then flipagram wasn’t available…  Google hangouts wasn’t available when I needed it for school and a couple of little things drove me crazy.  Any way long story short Nick and I went to AT&T to find out if we could lower our payment when the switched to their new payment plan and we were able to, plus it gave me the ability to upgrade to the Next plan so that I could get a new phone.

I ordered the Galaxy S5 since it was the same price as the S4 and it arrived yesterday!  Unfortunately I was being a responsible student yesterday and getting some homework done so I didn’t get to set it up.  The one bummer I have so far is that it uses a different charger which means I’m going to have to buy a new one of those (along with a durable case).  I’ll keep you posted on what I think about the phone next week after I’ve been able to play with it a little!

I hope everyone has had a great week, and if you have any fun weekend plans I’d love to hear it.  I think we are finally going to go see Captain America, plus its time to go get my hair did!  See you guys on Monday!

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