August 2014 Birchbox

The Rundown: Birchbox is a $10/month subscription where you receive a box with 4-6 deluxe samples or the occasional full size.  For reviewing each product you receive 10 points (or the equivalent of $1), once you hit 100pts you get a $10 certificate to use in the Birchbox store towards full size products.  Click here for more info on joining Birchbox!

The Theme: Lighten Up! (Click here for the unboxing video or scroll to the bottom)


The Products:
Neil George Shampoo & Conditioner
Laura Gellar Cool Lids Cream Shadow
Nügg Revitalizing Mask
Mango Body Lotion


The review: Unfortunately I can’t use the Nügg Revitalizing Mask so I’ll be putting it in a basket for a later giveaway.  Because there are only 3 products I’ll do a detailed review of them in one day instead of breaking it up.  If you prefer it this way let me know and I’ll do them in a single post.

Cool Lids

For starters Birchbox offered for everyone the ability to choose a product (like they did last month) the choices were a bronzer, a lip and cheek stain, a black eyeliner and a cream shadow.  I jumped at the chance to pick the cream shadow.  I’ve received the Laura Gellar Cool Lids Cream shadow in the Ulta Summer Glam set in the color Rose Gold Goddess and loved it so the chance to get another color was awesome!  The color sent out was Silver sands which is a silver, almost with taupey undertones.  Not a bright silver, but deep silver.  Its super pigmented and blends just as beautifully as the Rose Gold does!  I love them so much, so glad I picked it! These retail for $19 for the full size and are available in I believe 7 shades


The Mango Body Lotion is by Key West Aloe? And smells like a mango creamsicle.  It. Smells. Amazing!  Holy cow.  It makes me want to eat my arm off! Haha (I won’t though, don’t worry!)  It did a decent job at moisturizing, nice for the summer, but not something I would probably use regularly.  Perfect for a travel item though!  This retails for $15 for the full size and are available in Mango or Lime.

Neil George

Lastly is the Neil George Shampoo and Conditioner.  Unfortunately mine had leaked into my box which was a bummer.  Just enough to get everything gunky.  I was still able to get a couple uses out of it.  Enough uses to know this stuff is pretty awesome.  It smells like my favorite moisturizer, with that clary sage note.  Not overpowering on the smell though, just enough to enjoy it, but not enough that it’s all I can smell throughout the day.  These are pricey though, a 3.3oz tube retails for $9.00 and the larger 16oz bottle retails for $48!  They are amazing, but I just can’t justify the price personally, but I’ll enjoy this when I travel to New York coming up!

On a side note, I contacted Birchbox about my leaked products and they were kind enough to send me not just replacement shampoo and conditioner but a full replacement box at no charge!  Talk about some kick ass customer service!

Did you get a Birchbox?  If so, what was your favorite from this month?

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