Bare Minerals Bare Skin First Impression

Over the weekend I went to Ulta and picked up the new Bare Minerals Foundation!

I’ve never been a huge fan of powder foundations with my dry skin, but this is amazeballs!  It does have just the tiniest bit of flashback so take that into consideration.  The picture below is in a dark room with no other products on my face, so with blush, powder, bronzer etc it probably wouldn’t flashback at all.


It did leave a natural to dewy finish, quite nice actually.  It worked great for my skin, and it seems like it would work great for a lot of others too, although I don’t know if it would be particularly great on super dry skin or super oily skin, but other wise it should be fine.  If you’ve tried it I’d love to hear your thoughts!  If you want more information about this foundation and the formulation, check out the Bare Minerals website by Clicking Here

I am definitely pleasantly surprised.  The brush I used came in a 4 pack (buffing brush, contour brush, detailer brush, and pointed foundation brush) and it was still less than the BM precision brush.  I recommend the RT ones over the BM one, hands down.  As I stated, I used 4 drops and it looked pretty awesome (Aside from the massive angry zit on my forehead! ugh).   For my review of the Real Techniques Brushes Click Here.

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