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Neck: 12″
Ear to Ear: 7″
Right Arm: 11.25″
Left Arm: 11.5″
Bust: 33″
Chest: 29.5″
Waist: 28″
Hips: 36.5″
Right Thigh: 20.25″
Left Thigh: 20.25″
Right Calf: 13.5″
Left Calf: 13.5″

Weight: 134.2 lbs
Body Fat: 24.6 %
Body Water: 52.2 %
Bone Mass: 6.8 lbs
Muscle Mass: 44 lbs

Yesterday was day 1, and according to my calendar I will be done on April 27th!

I am definitely feeling it from burn circuit 1, my entire back and upper body is super sore! tomorrow is burn circuit 2.

Wish me luck!

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