Benefit POREfessional

Primers, primers, primers!  I feel like primers are hit and miss depending on who you ask or how your skin is.  For starters, I am glad that this doesn’t have any ingredients I can’t have.  Lately finding primers that I not only can use but also like is crazy hard!


I love the fact that it’s tinted.  Not because it gives additional coverage or anything, but simply because it’s easy for me to see where I applied it.  That is the one things I hate about the Smashbox Original primer…  It goes on super smoothly and a small amount covers my entire face (focusing around my t-zone).

I don’t have particularly large pores so I can’t comment on if it make them look smaller.  I can say that my makeup did stay put all day.  Even around my nose (which happens to be my one serious trouble spot).

The one thing I didn’t like has nothing to do with the primer and everything to do with the packaging.  This is such a tiny sample compared to EVERYTHING else in the Summer Glam package.  It’s even small compared to the other primer deluxe samples I’ve tried at a measly .10 oz…  Other deluxe primer samples are usually around .25 oz.  They do make a larger sample and I just wish there was more so I could give it a serious testing to decide if I wanted the full size.

In the end- if you’re looking for a good quality primer and you want your makeup to stay all day (and maybe make your pores look smaller) this is a great primer.  If you’re all about the packaging (like I am) Benefit never disappoints and this one is no different, super cute and cartoony!   This retails for $31.00

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