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Ok, so Although I ADORE eggs benedict and hollandaise sauce in general it is really not good for you at about 250-350 calories per serving. So I decided I needed to come up with a substitute that would work for those of us who LOVE it but can’t afford to clog our arteries or add to our hips!

1 egg yolk
4 oz plain yogurt (not greek, its too thick and won’t combined well) or low fat sour cream can be used as well
lemon juice or warm water if you prefer it a little less tangy
cayenne pepper
salt and pepper
*1 T butter – Optional

-stir together the yogurt and egg yolk, which will first thin out but as it starts to cook will thicken.
-Keep it moving in order to still not curdle the egg.
-It is ok to simmer this sauce as its more stable than classic however keep it moving so it doesn’t burn or stick to the bottom.
-Once thickened and heated through add in the lemon juice just enough to thin it out to a good consistency
-season with salt, pepper and cayenne

This version has only 75 calories per serving and this makes 2 servings! Although it doesn’t quite have the richness that a classic hollandaise if you are looking to still eat what you want without the clogged arteries this is a better option that the classic.

*If you want the best of both worlds, finish this one off with 1 tbsp of butter and stir in until smooth and combined. This will add 50 calories for each serving but give a richness that you’re missing!

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