Better Late Than Never

Phase 1 update –

ear to ear – 7″
neck – 12.25″
right arm – 11.25″
left arm – 11.25″
bust – 33.5″
chest – 29.75″
waist – 28″
hips – 35.5″
right thigh – 20″
left thigh – 20″
right calf – 13.5″
left calf – 13.5″

Weight – 135.4 lbs
Body Fat – 25.6%
Body Water – 51.2%
Bone Mass – 6.8 lbs
Muscle Mass – 44 lbs

Ok, so the measurements are really from last week but I kept forgetting to post them, so there you go, not much change at all from a month ago, but I’m ok with that. What I’m not ok with is this weeks weight gain. Granted I know I didn’t eat quite as well as I could have, on the same token I didn’t eat terrible either, I still ate better than 95% of the people I know. I’m hoping it is just water weight due to TOM or something like that. I guess we’ll find out next week. My fingers are crossed that this is just a fluke, since the only thing that went in a good direction was muscle mass.

This week was the first of the Push phase. It was hard to figure out what weights I needed to use to fail after such a few amount of reps. I think I did pretty good and I think next week I’ll do even better. It is after all a learning process. So- here is my breakdown of the week.

Push Circuit 1 – I really pushed myself to failure here. My muscles were shaking like crazy and by the end of it I could barely eek out the 8 push ups… I did them, but barely. Just a little sore the next day.

Push Circuit 2 – I had a harder time guaging my weights for this workout. I really need 10 pound weights cause the plates make for an awkward hand position causing me to concentrate more on holding the weight and less on the muscle I’m using.

Interval/Abs – Holy ABS!!! So I jumped up to extreme abs and 10 mins after I was done my abs were STILL on fire! It was way harder than the ab burner but definitely in a good way. Interval went well, I managed to work through the entire workout without taking breaks and without slowing down to catch my breath, just pushed and pushed and told myself that i could do it!

Push Circuit 3 – I pushed myself super hard today. Lifted a little heavier than I thought I could (all cause I only had certain weights available) but I’m happy to say that I failed at the right spot. A really good workout. Definitely enjoyed it.

Burn it off/Recharge – I enjoy this workout, its short, but super intense and then I get a super nice short yoga stretch. Sometimes I miss the 90 min yoga session I did with p90x, but I hated doing it that long, but sometimes I do wish recharge was a little longer.

So there it is, hopefully next week is a better week
Wish me luck.

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