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Man have I missed blogging! It seems like its been ages, and really it has, since I’ve written anything other than a school paper. I’m determined to get back to it though. It gives me some release and relaxation, plus I miss you guys! I mean I love YouTube too, and I need to sit in front of the camera sometime soon, maybe this afternoon if I have time, but something about typing my thoughts is cathartic.

Today I wanted to do a quick review of a book that I was sent to read from Birchbox. Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives by Gretchen Rubin (bestselling author of The Happiness Project) is a book about habits. Not just about why we have them or why we need them, but also about how there are different types of people who form and adhere to habits different. Rubin goes a step beyond that to discuss how you can turn this information into successful habit formation or breakage.

betterbeforeThe reason why I liked this book so much was thatit walked you through the process of habits, not just from the theoretical sense but from the realistic sense. It allowed you to put yourself into the different tendencies and gave examples of how you might need to adjust to make your habits successful. My only regret is that I didn’t take the quiz at the end of the book as soon as I finished the chapter on the 4 tendencies. I went through the whole book thinking I was more of an obliger only to find out that yes I do have obliger tendencies but I am much more of a questioner. I feel like I need to reread the book now and look more at the questioner role to see any other tips I might have missed when I was paying attention to the obliger role. So I definitely recommend taking the quiz on page 266 when you’re finished with page 42. That way you read the rest of the book with the correct tendency in mind.

Overall I found a couple of tips to help me understand how to make my habits stick, from piggy backing one habit onto another (which is how I got myself to wash my face every night, I piggy backed that onto brushing my teeth) to realizing I need to have what I’m doing make sense to me or else I won’t be successful.

I found this quite a fascinating read actually. I highly recommend it to anyone who is feeling a little unorganized or who is trying to break or start a habit. It’s available through amazon/kindle for $18.20/$13.99 or barnes&noble/nook for $18.65/$13.99.

This is my habit that I’m working on. Consistently blogging and vlogging so that I can make it my career instead of just my hobby. What habit are you trying to start or trying to break?

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