Beyond Delicious!

Green Mountain Fair Trade Coffee


BzzAgent gave me a great opportunity to experience Green Mountain’s Fair Trade Three Continent Blend K-Cups free.

Over the years I have become very picky about my coffee. The richer and darker the better, I don’t want it to taste like flavored water (of flavored cream). The first time I ever heard about fair trade coffee was when I was reading Onward by Howard Schultz. And I was amazed that I had never even thought about where my coffee came from. As I was enjoying my 3 continent blend for the first time I was reading through the info about Kelly Clarkson going to Peru and it made me appreciate my cup of coffee even more. I felt good about drinking it, felt good that people were able to live their lives, and felt good that no shady tactics were used to get my cup of coffee from farm to Keurig. Moving onto the coffee itself, I was expecting a watery and thin coffee. I don’t know why, but I was. However when I went to put in cream and sugar I was pleasantly shocked and amazed at the deep color of the coffee! And after my first sip I was in love. It was the rich delicious flavor that I’ve learned to expect from my coffee. After going online and checking out, I was surprised how many fair trade options were available! I am looking forward to trying a few others, although Three Continent Blend has become a favorite and will be added to my K-Cup rotation regularly! I definitely recommend it!

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