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Since we started going to Planet Fitness I needed a new workout regimen.  I hadn’t been to a gym in years so this was a chance to bring back an old workout or start a new one.  I decided to bring back an old one that I used to love.  Body for life.  It is a simple program that is lifting heavy, with a simple cardio plan.

Weights are every other day with cardio in between.  The cardio plan is only 20 mins with an interval type training that can be done on any piece of gym equipment.

2 mins at level 5, 1 min at 6, 1 at 7, 1 at 8, 1 at 9, repeat at 6, 7, 8, 9 until you hit the 18 min mark, then you’re going to go up to level 10, and then the last minute is at level 5.  And you’re done.  My problem with the cardio program is that it isn’t long enough.  I enjoy doing cardio so I usually try to go for 45 mins.  The other problem is that I like to bring my Nook to the gym for cardio days, but I can’t do that with this program because you have to pay attention every minute to change the level.  So when I do this (which is only about once every other week) I tend to double it to do 40 mins and only do it when I don’t feel like reading (usually when I’m upset or frustrated)

The program calls for lifting every other day, and alternating upper body one day with lower body and abs the other.  3 times a week, I found that its just too much for me.  My body hasn’t quite recovered if I’m doing it 3x a week, and with a 45 min lifting workout, I decided to cut it back to twice a week, upper one day and lower the next.  The system works like this.

12 reps, 10 reps, 8 reps, 6 reps, 12 reps, 12 reps. For each set wait a min inbetween except between the final two sets of 12, and the last set of 12 should be a different exercise for the same muscle group.  Each set you should try to up the weights a little (so keep this in mind when you start the set to begin with)  Working in this order – Chest, Back, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps on upper body days, and Quads, Hamstrings, Inner/Outer Thigh, Calfs, Abs.

I do enjoy this system, but I am going to switch to something else after a 4 week period.  This is week 2, and the good thing is I’m crazy sore after the lifting days, and find reprieve during the cardio days.  If you are a fan of lifting I definitely recommend this workout, as it allows you to do the lifting you like in a gym using any of the equipment which also allows you to switch it up on a weekly basis.

You can find the information about this program here

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