Bug free is the way to be!

So after my last update I finally got a chance to go around and finish up with the bug spray.  And I have to say I was AMAZED!  It worked so well that there are now ZERO bugs on our front and side wooden steps (which before were almost always covered with something…  Ants, spiders, beetles, ticks, etc)  There were fewer bugs inside too!  Even before spraying the inside of the house!  I will never again use another bug spray, I’ve found one that not only works, but is also super simple to use!  I definitely give this 2 thumbs up.

Spraying the inside wasn’t as easy as I would have hoped it to be, only because its kind of a pain to get around furniture, but that has nothing to do with the Amdro and everything to do with the nature of spraying inside a home.  One of the things I did do was spray our windows and screens because that seems to be the biggest problem for us, and I have to say it definitely seems to have helped!  Especially upstairs where the outdoor bugspray doesn’t help with the flying bugs that land on the screen and crawl over it into the house.  Now if they crawl over it they die, or instantly try to fly away!  SWEET!

As for the weed killer, it did work, even on those roots that seemed super deep.  I sprayed some other weeds that were just as big, and it did kill them without me having to pull them, but it took over a week to do so, with me spraying them twice.  I don’t know if it was just because these were some pretty massive weeds or if it was because its just not strong enough in general.  Either way, we will continue to use it, but its not going to be my standby like the bug spray is.

Overall I definitely recommend this as a system overall, its portable, easy to use, and very convenient.  The sprays are all worth the money and will take up much less room than any other sprays of the same size would!

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