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Shortly after moving into the house I began working on our built in bookcases for our office upstairs.  We had kind of designed them, or rather designed our office around them, when our house was being built.  It was a me project (the patio is a Nick project).

As for right now only half of the office is done, and its not completely finished, but until we have more funds (probably closer to tax refund time) they will stay this way.

I didn’t start with a pattern, just an idea.  And the other side of the office is still up in the air.  (although I’m thinking it does need some closed storage, so maybe using kitchen upper cabinets as the base with book cases above them, and our desk will go across the window attaching to each end of the bookcases.)

I used a circular saw to cut the boards to size (I opted for 7′ so they would be easy to tilt up, but also give some room at the top to place something.)  Then I cut all of the tops and bottoms to size based on that particular bookcase.  And then the same with all of the shelves.

In order to add shelves that were movable without having to drill into the entire length of the sides, equally…  (our home depot didn’t have the predrilled 8′ segments) I opted for thin metal brackets.  They will be covered with decorative covering anyway.  I predrilled these holes and attached them with screws.

Once everything was cut and the brackets were in place I had to assemble, this part was very much trial and error.  In the end I found marking, pre drilling, and then screwing everything together was the best bet.  Some of them ended up needing extra bracing since I hadn’t figured out the best way.  In those cases I just used some corner bracing.

I started with the corner shelf since it was the easiest to place.  I attached it to the wall with 6 anchors along the top, 2 along each side and 4 at the bottom.  I went with the self drilling anchors since I could use the power drill to put them into the wall quickly.  I had to make sure the sides were level as well as the top and bottom when I was attaching it.  And then attaching the next one the same way (only with 3 anchors on top, and 2 on the bottom).

The tops and bottoms were painted with 3 coats of white paint.  Once all the cases were in place and attached, I reused the baseboards, just cutting them down to size and nailing them into place.

Added the shelving hardware, the shelves and of course the books!

All that’s left on that side is to put decorative molding across the top and down the fronts where the cases come together to hide the joints and to give it a finished look.  All in all it cost about $400 (not including the tools which we already had) and took a little less than 2 weeks to complete.  I’m expecting the other side to be a little more but not by much.

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  1. Where did you and Matt get so tool competent?? GREAT job!
    Glad Uncle Ray’s tool came in handy.

    • LaurenRenee

      Luckily for us, if we don’t know how to use a tool youtube or tutorials teach us! Thank goodness for the internet!

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