BzzAgent: Nexxus Hydra-Light

I recently became a BzzAgent through the website of the same name where you do surveys and based on your answers they send you new and upcoming products (at a discount for free!) to test in return for your reviews, opinions, and social media posts.  My first campaign was the Nexxus Hydra-Light.  I received a full size Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave In Conditioner and Root Lifter FREE!  I was so excited to try these products. My hair is very fine, but there is a ton of it, and in turn, it falls flat… Quickly. So I’m always looking for products that help combat that.

Shampoo – Has a very light scent that is refreshing and not too flowery. Its lather is rich and luxurious with minimal product which means it will last a while! Bonus!

Conditioner – Stronger scent than the shampoo but very similar. Again a little goes a long way. This made my hair feel nice and smooth, but not super heavy.

Leave In Conditioner – This was where I was surprised! This product is awesome, but totally misrepresented with its name! It really should be called the “Leave In, Does Everything, Miracle Treatment”! Although it does in fact condition your hair, it does so much more! (And if you’re not one to buy leave in conditioners you might not even give it a glance in the store, and you’d be missing out!) I was shocked when it helped tame my static (crazy this winter), held down those pesky baby fine fly a-ways, gave my hair some intense shine, and left my hair feeling soft and smooth! It can be used wet or dry. Just calling it a leave in conditioner doesn’t do it justice!

Root lifter – This did the trick, although didn’t do anything that any root lifter didn’t do. It has a slight chemical smell to it, which I didn’t love, but it wouldn’t stop me from using it again. Two ways to use it, directly at the root or all over, helps the look hold all day long (and even into the next!) This does change the soft smooth texture that the previous products have given, but doesn’t feel weighed down or heavy. Just not quite as smooth!

Left is before with no products, Right is with Hydra-Light

Left is before with no products, Right is with Hydra-Light

Overall, The products definitely do what they say, and even more! I will continue to use them and I recommend them if you have fine hair and want some intense lightweight lift!

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  1. Bret

    can i just say… look stunning!!!!!!

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