C25k Week 1

For those of you who didn’t know-  I am currently training for a half marathon, but instead of trying to do that all at once, I’m breaking it up into 3 segments.  5k, 10k, and half marathon.

I started the Couch to 5k program last week along with a 2 day lifting schedule.

Day 1 Lifting Schedule
Dumbbell Squat
Dumbbell Incline Press
One Leg Dead Lifts
Assisted Pull Ups
Dumbbell Step Ups
Tricep Push downs
Back Extensions

Day 2 Lifting Schedule
One Leg Squat
Dumbbell Bench Press
Dead Lifts
Assisted Chin Ups
Dumbbell Lunges
Dumbbell Bicep Curls
Medicine Ball Twist

Week 1 Day 1 – Sunday October 28th
3.5 mph – 5 min warm up
5.0 mph – jog speed
3.8 mph – walk speed
3.5 mph – 5 min cool down
2.0 miles total
30:00 minutes
199 calories

Week 1 Day 2 – Monday October 29th
No Workout
Hurricane Sandy

Week 1 Day 3 – Tuesday October 30th
3.7 mph – 5 min warm up
5.2-5.5 mph – jog speed
3.8 mph – walk speed
3.5-3.0 mph – 5 min cool down
2.07 miles total
30:19 minutes
206 calories

Week 1 Day 4 – Wednesday October 31st
Day 1 Lifting
Was really sore after this workout.  But I finished it.

Week 1 Day 5 – Thursday November 1st
No Workout

Week 1 Day 6 – Friday November 2nd
3.0-3.5 mph – 5 min warm up
4.5-6.0 mph – jog speed
3.5-3.8 mph – walk speed
3.8-3.2 mph – 5 min cool down
2.02 miles total
31:01 minutes
203 calories

Week 1 Day 7 – Saturday November 3rd
Day 2 Lifting – done at home due to a late night
Didn’t push as hard as I wanted to, I used the resistance bands at home, which was fine, better than nothing at all, but hopefully next week I can push harder.


Fundraiser Info
Overall it was a very successful week.  I’m hoping week 2 goes just as well.  I will be signing up for 3 events soon.  2 stair climbs (42 stories and 61 stories for the American Lung Association and Multiple Sclerosis respectively), a 5k (Freedom Trail 5k in Boston for fun), and a 9k (Run to Home Base at Fenway Park for Assistance to Returning Vets.)  Total I need to raise $1100 (not including the registration fees that I will cover).  I will be holding a bake sale to benefit these events between now and new years for any holiday desserts, cookies, pies, cakes, cupcakes, candies, etc that you  might need.  No prices listed, just a reasonable donation required.  Pass on the word.  If you’re in AZ I can bring them with me in December, or I can make them at that time.  I can also do private cooking lessons, in person or via skype.  Let me know if you’re interested or if you have any ideas for raising more money!  Thanks

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