Catching Fire and Mockingjay

Well, I read this rather quickly and it may have been my favorite of the three.  When you begin reading it you expect the book to go one way and it eventually switched to something completely different!  I loved it!

I probably read this one the fastest.  I enjoyed this book as well although I feel like there were so many areas that could have been expanded upon.  Overall the series is very well written and a great easy read.  The way Suzanne Collins was able to take all things popular today and mold them into a slightly disturbing yet enthralling story.  I feel that just about anyone would like these stories.  I definitely recommend reading them in you are looking for something that is quick and easy to read.

Again I think Catching Fire was my favorite as it took the series in a different direction that was first expected.

I do have these as a lend me on my nook, as always they are first come first serve.

As for the movie, I feel they did a pretty good job staying true to the story, but as usual, the book was so much better than the movie.  I recommend reading it first and then seeing the movie.

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    Hey there, Thanks for your post, pretty good reading. I’ll be looking forward for your next post….

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