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The Meaning of Moderation

baconAn article came out last week stating that low-carb was a better option than low-fat if you’re looking to battle the bulge.  It took me a couple days to figure out why I was angry with the article.  As much as I don’t disagree with the article there is something that continues to irk me when it comes to weight loss.

After years and years of battling my own weight issues of being told how I should eat, what I should eat, when I should eat and why I should eat my body became confused.  Well, confused is an understatement.  My body had no idea what it actually NEEDED.    Throughout the years of telling my body what it needed it no longer knew how to determine what to do on its own.


In addition to the confusion my body had, my mind was just as confused.  Eat every three hours, eat three meals a day.  Eat carbs, eat fats.  Breakfast is the most important, all meals are equally important.  You get the point.  There are so many “rules” to eating, and all of them contradict each other!  It just becomes impossible for anyone to navigate what is right and what is wrong.

Then add in the elusive term “moderation.”  Cookies, Candies, Cakes, Chocolates! We’re told, indulge and enjoy those things (and more) but only in moderation.  But no one specifically tells you what moderation actually means.  It just this term thrown around meaning different things to everyone who uses it.

I didn’t learn what moderation was until I found out I was mildly allergic to soy.  “Try to only have soy in moderation” is what the doctor told me.  That dreaded word again.  I ended up having to learn what moderation meant for me.

In the end, I can tell you what worked for me, but really you need to find out for yourself.  (If you’re really interested let me know.)  I suggest you stop telling your body how and why to eat and actually asking it how it wants to eat and why.  So much time and energy is wasted by dictating what our bodies need to run, but realistically we all have different bodies, so why are we trying to treat them as if they are in fact the same.  If we would start teaching people how to listen to their own bodies and what they need and want we wouldn’t have to confuse everyone by telling them how to eat.


So I urge you to listen to when your body is actually telling you it’s hungry, listen for that grumble or empty feeling, and then eat.  Listen to when you’re full or overfull to learn much your body actually wants.  Listen to your cravings, find out why you’re having them and learn when you can give in and when you shouldn’t.  And most importantly, learn what moderation means to you.  It’s not as confusing as it all seems, I promise.  It just means tuning into you.

YouTube, Blogs and Vlogs… Oh My!

For starters, I decided to do a April Selfie Challenge, where I took a picture of myself every morning to see how I changed over the month and see all the different makeup I did.  May is Make faces May, so at the end of the month stay tuned for that video.  Here is Aprils!

Some of you may have noticed some big changes coming over the last couple of weeks.  And I’m here to tell you more changes are still to come!  I’ve decided to jump head first into my blogging and vlogging.  After a couple years off of filming I realized how much I really enjoyed it.  So I’ve decided to start it up again and I wanted to give you guys a run down of what I plan on doing.

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C25k Week 1

For those of you who didn’t know-  I am currently training for a half marathon, but instead of trying to do that all at once, I’m breaking it up into 3 segments.  5k, 10k, and half marathon.

I started the Couch to 5k program last week along with a 2 day lifting schedule.

Day 1 Lifting Schedule
Dumbbell Squat
Dumbbell Incline Press
One Leg Dead Lifts
Assisted Pull Ups
Dumbbell Step Ups
Tricep Push downs
Back Extensions

Day 2 Lifting Schedule
One Leg Squat
Dumbbell Bench Press
Dead Lifts
Assisted Chin Ups
Dumbbell Lunges
Dumbbell Bicep Curls
Medicine Ball Twist

Week 1 Day 1 – Sunday October 28th
3.5 mph – 5 min warm up
5.0 mph – jog speed
3.8 mph – walk speed
3.5 mph – 5 min cool down
2.0 miles total
30:00 minutes
199 calories

Week 1 Day 2 – Monday October 29th
No Workout
Hurricane Sandy

Week 1 Day 3 – Tuesday October 30th
3.7 mph – 5 min warm up
5.2-5.5 mph – jog speed
3.8 mph – walk speed
3.5-3.0 mph – 5 min cool down
2.07 miles total
30:19 minutes
206 calories

Week 1 Day 4 – Wednesday October 31st
Day 1 Lifting
Was really sore after this workout.  But I finished it.

Week 1 Day 5 – Thursday November 1st
No Workout

Week 1 Day 6 – Friday November 2nd
3.0-3.5 mph – 5 min warm up
4.5-6.0 mph – jog speed
3.5-3.8 mph – walk speed
3.8-3.2 mph – 5 min cool down
2.02 miles total
31:01 minutes
203 calories

Week 1 Day 7 – Saturday November 3rd
Day 2 Lifting – done at home due to a late night
Didn’t push as hard as I wanted to, I used the resistance bands at home, which was fine, better than nothing at all, but hopefully next week I can push harder.


Fundraiser Info
Overall it was a very successful week.  I’m hoping week 2 goes just as well.  I will be signing up for 3 events soon.  2 stair climbs (42 stories and 61 stories for the American Lung Association and Multiple Sclerosis respectively), a 5k (Freedom Trail 5k in Boston for fun), and a 9k (Run to Home Base at Fenway Park for Assistance to Returning Vets.)  Total I need to raise $1100 (not including the registration fees that I will cover).  I will be holding a bake sale to benefit these events between now and new years for any holiday desserts, cookies, pies, cakes, cupcakes, candies, etc that you  might need.  No prices listed, just a reasonable donation required.  Pass on the word.  If you’re in AZ I can bring them with me in December, or I can make them at that time.  I can also do private cooking lessons, in person or via skype.  Let me know if you’re interested or if you have any ideas for raising more money!  Thanks

Body For Life

Since we started going to Planet Fitness I needed a new workout regimen.  I hadn’t been to a gym in years so this was a chance to bring back an old workout or start a new one.  I decided to bring back an old one that I used to love.  Body for life.  It is a simple program that is lifting heavy, with a simple cardio plan.

Weights are every other day with cardio in between.  The cardio plan is only 20 mins with an interval type training that can be done on any piece of gym equipment.

2 mins at level 5, 1 min at 6, 1 at 7, 1 at 8, 1 at 9, repeat at 6, 7, 8, 9 until you hit the 18 min mark, then you’re going to go up to level 10, and then the last minute is at level 5.  And you’re done.  My problem with the cardio program is that it isn’t long enough.  I enjoy doing cardio so I usually try to go for 45 mins.  The other problem is that I like to bring my Nook to the gym for cardio days, but I can’t do that with this program because you have to pay attention every minute to change the level.  So when I do this (which is only about once every other week) I tend to double it to do 40 mins and only do it when I don’t feel like reading (usually when I’m upset or frustrated)

The program calls for lifting every other day, and alternating upper body one day with lower body and abs the other.  3 times a week, I found that its just too much for me.  My body hasn’t quite recovered if I’m doing it 3x a week, and with a 45 min lifting workout, I decided to cut it back to twice a week, upper one day and lower the next.  The system works like this.

12 reps, 10 reps, 8 reps, 6 reps, 12 reps, 12 reps. For each set wait a min inbetween except between the final two sets of 12, and the last set of 12 should be a different exercise for the same muscle group.  Each set you should try to up the weights a little (so keep this in mind when you start the set to begin with)  Working in this order – Chest, Back, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps on upper body days, and Quads, Hamstrings, Inner/Outer Thigh, Calfs, Abs.

I do enjoy this system, but I am going to switch to something else after a 4 week period.  This is week 2, and the good thing is I’m crazy sore after the lifting days, and find reprieve during the cardio days.  If you are a fan of lifting I definitely recommend this workout, as it allows you to do the lifting you like in a gym using any of the equipment which also allows you to switch it up on a weekly basis.

You can find the information about this program here

Finally done and done

Sorry its taken so long to update my final info from Chalean Extreme. I was very proud of my results, although food wise I wasn’t able to be quite as strict as I would have liked to have been in the end. But I still managed to lose about 5 pounds, about 2% body fat and about 6 inches. So overall it was a definite success.

I loved everything about the program. It was challenging, and fun, and definitely different from anything else I’ve ever done. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a challenge and wanting results. Because it definitely gave me them. I still have a little ways to go, but as for right now I’m going to worry about just maintaining where I am because I need to get settled here in Maine.

I am currently doing Turbo Jam now. I just started a few days ago, and I definitely think its a BLAST. I totally don’t feel like I’m working out, but I finish sweating like a pig and feeling great. I love it, I wish turbo kick was offered at a gym near by, but its not, so maybe I’ll become an instructor and then make it available places =] We’ll see.

I’ll keep you posted for sure.

ChaLEAN Extreme Week 10

Weight – 134 lbs
Body Fat – 25.5 %
Body Water – 51.3%
Bone Mass – 6.8 lbs
Muscle Mass – 42.9 lbs

This week went well for the most part, I know that I could have eaten much better, but still on a while I did pretty good. Next week food wise I’m going to try eating a new way- 2 days a week I’ll be at about 1200 calories, then 3 days a week I’ll be at about 1500 calories and then 2 day a week I’ll be at about 1800 calories, that way it gives me a few days to eat more, so I can splurge a little bit while still staying at an average of 1500 calories. I think it might be a little bit easier to stick to, but we’ll see.

Stress has been wreaking havoc on me this week so I’m kind of surprised that I hit all 3 of my weight loss goals this week. As of yesterday I really didn’t think I was going to. Here is the breakdown of my week workout wise. And goals after that.

Lean Circuit 1 – I upped my first thing here which made the rest of my choices from last week fit perfectly. Although by week 4 hopefully they will all be up from where they are now.

Lean Circuit 2 – Went really good today. i upped the first exercise again and it made the rest of the workout much harder. Again hopefully within the next few weeks I can up all of my weights.

Interval/Abs – This week I managed to make it through better than I did last week. My shoulders were still killing me but overall easier. Managed all push ups in Abs on my toes!

Lean Circuit 3 – Went great this week. I upped a few, lowered one and did almost all push ups on my toes! A few more to go but a great improvement over last week! =]

Fat Burn/Recharge – Holy cow! This was hard! The outher thigh work outs kicked my ass! My butt and thighs were burning half way into the workout! I finished it though and that’s all that matters!

Goals for the week –

1. Lose at least 1 pound bringing me down to 133 lbs or lower.
2. Lose at least .5% body fat bringing me down to 25% or lower.
3. Raise body water up to at least 51.8%.
4. Dring at least 3-4 bottles of water a day.
5. Have the talk with the boyfriend.
6. Run on a couple of days, at least 2.
7. Try the 2/1200, 3/1500, 2/1800 diet plan to see how it goes.
8. Take Bella for at least 2 long walks.
9. Do something for myself… Anything
10. Read at least 3 chapters in my current novel.

Wish me luck!

week off from moving

So, I tried to workout while on the road, but gave up after the first 2 days… So I just ended up taking that week off and tacking on an extra week to the end of the lean phase. So, here are the results as of this week…

Weight – 135.4 lbs
Body Fat – 26.5%
Body Water – 50.7 %
Bone Mass – 6.8 lbs
Muscle Mass – 42.5 lbs

So, I am up a few pounds, thanks to the move, not eating healthy, and lack of working out for an entire week plus another week of being OVERLY stressed out. I know that stress takes a toll on your body, I’ve seen it happen to me and to other people, unfortunately when it does strike really bad there isn’t much you can do about it. I tried my best to cope, although I did eat a few too many chocolate chip cookies one night, I did pretty good all things considered, but I still was up 1 pound from last week. This week I am determined to not sweat the small stuff, although the majority of what is killing me is all larger stuff… It will all work out in the end.

I didn’t write down a breakdown of all the different workout this last week, but I will sum them up the best that I can.

Circuit 1 was hard but harder because i felt like I really needed a 12 pound weight for a lot of it and I don’t have one. The push ups are KILLER and I was really excited about the plank tricep, and did pretty good, although couldn’t do the whole thing on my toes this week.

Circuit 2 was also hard, and made my neck hurt which means I was trying to lift too heavy and ended up shrugging my shoulders too much I will definitely pay attention to this next week. I don’t want huge neck muscles I want really nice back and shoulders =]

Fat Burn Intervals/Abs seemed to be shoulder oriented, which was only hard because my shoulders were so beat from circuit 2 that there were things that I couldn’t finish all the way through because they seemed to fail here too, even at only 5 lbs. The ab workout was interesting, I didn’t feel like it hurt my abs so much but the next day I felt them so I guess it worked better than I though which is always a good thing.

Circuit 3 is more shoulders, luckily by this point my shoulders were doing much better and had recovered enough to finish the workouts. It was also chest and abs which was nice, my pecs hurt for the entire next day which made my boyfriend laugh, but overall a good workout. I enjoyed the army crawl and all the push ups.

Fat burn and recharge was nice, the cardio was a little longer and a little more focused on the lower body which was good. My butt and thighs definitely felt it over the next couple days. My inner and outer thighs hurt to climb stairs and walk normal. Again entertaining for the boyfriend and every once and a while I do enjoy a good pain from a workout. Makes me feel like I really kicked my butt the day before.

Next week I am going to push harder and make sure to go all out, 11 out of 10 on the scale!!!

I’m going to end off with my goals, I’ve been writing them down and I might as well tell them to you guys while I’m at it.

1- Eat Cleaner and healthier foods. Try to get away from evening snacking.
2- Be more active in general… Run more, walk more, play more.
3- Drink more water, minimum of 9-10 cups a day.
4- Try to track my intakes as much as possible.
5- Start to read a book, whatever I can find in the boxes right now since I’m done with my magazines
6- Lose 1.4 lbs putting me at 134 lbs.
7- Reduce body fat by at least .3% putting me at 26.2%
8- Raise body water percent by at least .3% bringing me up to 51%
9- Clean up house a little more, help with dusting, swiffering floor, cleaning kitchen, etc…
10- Make a decision on the job front.

Wish me luck

Sorry… Late again

Weight – 132 lbs
Body Fat – 25.3%
Body Water – 51.6%
Bone Mass – 6.8 lbs
Muscle Mass – 42.5 lbs

Sorry I’m late again, this has been written out and ready to go since friday, but this week has been so crazy with preparing for the move and dave leaving, that I just haven’t had time to post it. So here I am now. My weight is pretty much back to normal after my dot. Which is definitely a good thing. Food wise this week I haven’t been that good and next week i won’t be that good either, although I’m definitely trying my best, its really hard with all of the moving situation, and the 14-16 hour drives ahead of us…

Either way here is the breakdown for the week.

Push Circuit 1 – Everything went well for this. nothing special. I did feel really good doing it. Going to bump up a couple squat weights next week.

Push Circuit 2 – The heavier weights I choose worked much better. this was super hard this week and my muscles were shaking like crazy!!! Next week will be good too.

Interval/Abs – Pushed myself but not overly so like last week. I finished feeling great and even better cause Dave worked out with me! Abs are getting easier for sure!

Push circuit 3 – I did 5 pull ups before the workout, although the last one I barely finished. all of the weights went well and I’m super excited for next week being the last week of this. I’m really excited for a lot of the moves in the lean phase.

Burn it off/Recharge – I kicked my butt here. I’d say I was at about a level 11! Definitely feels good to push yourself to extremes. Another week down one more to go for this phase!

As you can tell I’m definitely excited and ready for the lean phase of Chalean. I’m almost 2/3 of the way done and it feels like just yesterday I took on this challenge!

These next couple weeks are going to be hard not only food wise but fitness wise too, finding time and the ability to do a workout while driving cross country. Although hopefully I’ll be able to make it work…

Wish me luck!

Not again…

Weight – 134.8 lbs
Body Fat – 25.5 %
Body Water – 51.6 %
Bone Mass – 6.8 lbs
Muscle Mass – 43.4 lbs

So, again this week is a little off, now I might not think that just looking at last week and then this week except 3 days ago I weighed myself just to make sure I was doing better than before, and I was back down to 131.2, which was more normal… and then my dot started today… Sucks, but it definitely skews the results for the week. Hopefully by next week my body has regulated itself and I will be back to normal. Now onto how the workouts went this week.

Push Circuit 1 – I definitely pushed myself more than last week. I upped my hammer bicep weight which was good, the rest I just made slower and more concentrated movements. Good overall.

Push Circuit 2 – This circuit is hard. I’m having a hard time selecting the right weights. This week was better than last but still have a hard time. Hopefully next week I’ll have it fully dialed in.

Interval/Abs – I think I pushed myself a little too hard, there were a few times i couldnt’ catch my breath at all… So exhausted by the end that I’m going to do Abs later tonight. Abs were definitely easier today, not sure if they are stronger or becaues I waited to do it later in the night Still super difficult thought.

Push Circuit 3 – Can’t seem to get the sumo squat weight heavy enough and I’m at the heaviest weights I have. i tried going slower but it wasn’t enough. Maybe next week I can figure something out. So far this is my favorite workout. I feel so strong and able doing it. Did 4 pull ups before I started as well. =]

Burn it off/Recharge – Went well as usual. Sometimes I wish recharge was longer. Seems like a fairly easy day considering, even though I am still sweating like a pig…

So that was my week, next week should be good.

Wish me luck!

Better Late Than Never

Phase 1 update –

ear to ear – 7″
neck – 12.25″
right arm – 11.25″
left arm – 11.25″
bust – 33.5″
chest – 29.75″
waist – 28″
hips – 35.5″
right thigh – 20″
left thigh – 20″
right calf – 13.5″
left calf – 13.5″

Weight – 135.4 lbs
Body Fat – 25.6%
Body Water – 51.2%
Bone Mass – 6.8 lbs
Muscle Mass – 44 lbs

Ok, so the measurements are really from last week but I kept forgetting to post them, so there you go, not much change at all from a month ago, but I’m ok with that. What I’m not ok with is this weeks weight gain. Granted I know I didn’t eat quite as well as I could have, on the same token I didn’t eat terrible either, I still ate better than 95% of the people I know. I’m hoping it is just water weight due to TOM or something like that. I guess we’ll find out next week. My fingers are crossed that this is just a fluke, since the only thing that went in a good direction was muscle mass.

This week was the first of the Push phase. It was hard to figure out what weights I needed to use to fail after such a few amount of reps. I think I did pretty good and I think next week I’ll do even better. It is after all a learning process. So- here is my breakdown of the week.

Push Circuit 1 – I really pushed myself to failure here. My muscles were shaking like crazy and by the end of it I could barely eek out the 8 push ups… I did them, but barely. Just a little sore the next day.

Push Circuit 2 – I had a harder time guaging my weights for this workout. I really need 10 pound weights cause the plates make for an awkward hand position causing me to concentrate more on holding the weight and less on the muscle I’m using.

Interval/Abs – Holy ABS!!! So I jumped up to extreme abs and 10 mins after I was done my abs were STILL on fire! It was way harder than the ab burner but definitely in a good way. Interval went well, I managed to work through the entire workout without taking breaks and without slowing down to catch my breath, just pushed and pushed and told myself that i could do it!

Push Circuit 3 – I pushed myself super hard today. Lifted a little heavier than I thought I could (all cause I only had certain weights available) but I’m happy to say that I failed at the right spot. A really good workout. Definitely enjoyed it.

Burn it off/Recharge – I enjoy this workout, its short, but super intense and then I get a super nice short yoga stretch. Sometimes I miss the 90 min yoga session I did with p90x, but I hated doing it that long, but sometimes I do wish recharge was a little longer.

So there it is, hopefully next week is a better week
Wish me luck.

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