ChaLEAN Extreme Week 1

Weight : 132.8 lbs
Body Fat : 24.8 %
Body Water : 52%
Bone Mass : 6.8 lbs
Muscle Mass : 43.2 lbs

Over all this week went over great! I was way more sore than I was expecting (a good sore not a bad sore). The hardest part I think about the first week is adjusting your weights, and finding out what will make you fail within the first 10-12 reps. For the most part I did ok on that, there were only 3 the entire week that I needed to bump it up to a higher weight and only 2 that I needed to lower it down slightly.

This is my first time working with Chalene and I have to say I love her energy. If you aren’t in the mood to work out within the first 5 minutes you really do feel like, hey, I can do this! That is definitely nice for a change. I also really like her motivational cd that comes with the program, I’ve decided to listen to it every Thursday which is the end of my workout week. That will give me a chance to write down my weekly goals and get motivated for the week ahead.

Food wise this week I’ve done really good. On workout days I’m trying to have a net calorie (calories eaten minus calories burned off) count of 1200-1300, and on days off I’m trying to stay right around 1500. That way I’m getting enough food to be out of the starvation mood, and also to not be hungry all day long. It seems to be working for me. I’ve also become more creative with my dinners at work, doing bbq chicken sandwiches on rye, or chicken parmesan sandwiches. Stuff to keep me in the mood to eat healthy (although its not hard, nothing on the menu at work is remotely healthy to the point where most of it grosses me out).

So, I say week 1 is a success, I’m excited to get started on week 2 tomorrow! Check out my info on Livestrong!

Wish me luck!

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