ChaLEAN Extreme Week 10

Weight – 134 lbs
Body Fat – 25.5 %
Body Water – 51.3%
Bone Mass – 6.8 lbs
Muscle Mass – 42.9 lbs

This week went well for the most part, I know that I could have eaten much better, but still on a while I did pretty good. Next week food wise I’m going to try eating a new way- 2 days a week I’ll be at about 1200 calories, then 3 days a week I’ll be at about 1500 calories and then 2 day a week I’ll be at about 1800 calories, that way it gives me a few days to eat more, so I can splurge a little bit while still staying at an average of 1500 calories. I think it might be a little bit easier to stick to, but we’ll see.

Stress has been wreaking havoc on me this week so I’m kind of surprised that I hit all 3 of my weight loss goals this week. As of yesterday I really didn’t think I was going to. Here is the breakdown of my week workout wise. And goals after that.

Lean Circuit 1 – I upped my first thing here which made the rest of my choices from last week fit perfectly. Although by week 4 hopefully they will all be up from where they are now.

Lean Circuit 2 – Went really good today. i upped the first exercise again and it made the rest of the workout much harder. Again hopefully within the next few weeks I can up all of my weights.

Interval/Abs – This week I managed to make it through better than I did last week. My shoulders were still killing me but overall easier. Managed all push ups in Abs on my toes!

Lean Circuit 3 – Went great this week. I upped a few, lowered one and did almost all push ups on my toes! A few more to go but a great improvement over last week! =]

Fat Burn/Recharge – Holy cow! This was hard! The outher thigh work outs kicked my ass! My butt and thighs were burning half way into the workout! I finished it though and that’s all that matters!

Goals for the week –

1. Lose at least 1 pound bringing me down to 133 lbs or lower.
2. Lose at least .5% body fat bringing me down to 25% or lower.
3. Raise body water up to at least 51.8%.
4. Dring at least 3-4 bottles of water a day.
5. Have the talk with the boyfriend.
6. Run on a couple of days, at least 2.
7. Try the 2/1200, 3/1500, 2/1800 diet plan to see how it goes.
8. Take Bella for at least 2 long walks.
9. Do something for myself… Anything
10. Read at least 3 chapters in my current novel.

Wish me luck!

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