ChaLEAN Extreme Week 3

Weight – 133 lbs
Body Fat – 24.4 %
Body Water – 52.4 %
Bone Mass – 6.8 lbs
Muscle Mass – 43.8

Overall another good week. I’m super glad that I lost .4% body fat, even though my weight went up .2 lbs. I’m ok with that, especially when my muscle mass went up .6 lbs. Today was a bad day when it comes to food, but thats ok, 1 bad day never hurt anyone.

I got Ali Vincent’s book – Believe it, Be it. I’m excited to start reading it. I’m really trying to do the whole person makeover, not just my body, but my mind and soul, everything. So far it seems to be going well.

Parents come into town tonight, hopefully I don’t blow it diet wise this week, I think if I have snacks on hand I’ll be good to go, except touring the coors brewery and the hammonds candy factory. So I’ll try to set limits before I go in there.

here is the breakdown

Burn Circuit 1 – Definitely feelin it in my glutes today. I started using my thigh toner today, pink the lightest resistance. And I upped my weights on my bench press. Used dave’s perfect push ups which made them much harder, but I still did all 12 on toes.

Burn Circuit 2 – I think I did well overall, I didn’t up any weights although i did use the pink thigh toner on the bicep/abductor. Was sore from clmbing the red rocks but still managed to make it through the tough workout.

Interval/Abs – My calves were SO sore before I started this, I had to massage the pain out before I could begin. I didn’t have to stop at the 16 minute mark this time. I just allowed myself to take a longer breather before the lifting. Used the pink toner on this. Definitely kicked my butt.

Burn Circuit 3 – My back is a little sore today after sleeping funny. Work out went well. Calves were still sore but I managed to do the same weights as before. Did the extreme push ups with the perfect push up, which made them WAY harder, but in a good way.

Burn it off/Recharge – I used the pink thigh toner on all of the exercises that needed it. Seemed a little easier this week, although still tough. Tonight I am definitely sore from the week. 1 more week of burn phase!

Wish me luck!

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