ChaLEAN Extreme Week 4

Weight : 131.4 lbs
Body Fat : 24.0%
Body Water : 52.7%
Bone Mass : 6.8 lbs
Muscle Mass : 43.6 lbs

So this week I didn’t quite write down something after every workout like I have in the past, mostly because my parents were in town and it was kinda hard to make time to write stuff down, but I’ll do a little overall for this week.

I ate more than I normally would have this week, and drank beer, which I normally don’t. But it went well, I made little changes to make that ok, switching mixed fruit for fries, and salad for fries, and instead of prime rib going with a chicken sandwich, and only eating the bottom half of bread on my sandwich when i had hot chocolate with it. I was really proud of myself for being able to do that and not feeling left out in the festivities.

Burn Circuit 1 – everything weight wise stayed the same, feel like if I was doing this workout next week i would need to bump up some of the weights. Push ups were SOOOO hard this week.

Burn Circuit 2 – Again, everything weight wise stayed the same. Felt much easier, the push ups at the end were getting easier it seemed.

Burn Circuit 3 – Upped the sumo/overhead press, which is good, made it harder but still do able. everything else stayed the same, and same goes for circuit 1, if I was doing this next week I would need to bump more of them.

Interval/Abs – I made it through the entire workout, without having to take breaks at all or without having to take a little longer breather in between workouts. Definitely felt it afterward.

Burn it off/Recharge – Added the jump during the punching, felt great! Recharge was definitely a relief thinking of doing it more often.

On Sunday I will be sure to post up my 1 month results measurement wise.

Wish me luck!

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