Covergirl Clump Blaster Mascara

Yup, that’s right, my makeup addiction is back in full force!  Been playing around with all sorts of techniques, plus getting some fresh idea for the fall.

I heard about this mascara on the Today show, and I wanted to put it to the test for you guys.  At $6.97 it wasn’t a bad price, pretty comparable to what I’d been spending on others, but with my $1.00 off coupon it was definitely a great price.

I went into this pretty skeptical, after all for years and years we’ve been using mascara and for years and years there have been clumps of some kind.

The first thing you notice is although it is a LashBlast mascara the brush is different.  In a good way, its curved, and also has a smaller point allowing you to get into those tiny corners a little better.

After the first swipe, there weren’t any clumps.  Perfect!  After the second coat not only were there no clumps, but my lashes looked longer than I’ve seen them in AGES!  Another perk was it came off quite easily with my normal face wash, no tugging or rubbing necessary.

If you’re looking for extreme volume and  no clumps this may not be the mascara for you, unless you’re willing to build coat upon coat (which could end up being time consuming).  But if you’re looking for a good daily mascara that will get the job quickly and efficiently all while leaving you clump free, I definitely recommend it.

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