Croque Madame

Ok, so when I was working at The Cheeky Monk I loved this sandwich, its rich and flavorful and absolutely delicious! However, sometimes when its made classically it can be full of fat and calories. This way although not exact will give you a similar taste without all the bad stuff!

-1 sandwich thin or 2 slices of low cal bread
-4 oz of deli turkey meat or shredded chicken
-2 slices of low calorie cheese or 1 slice of regular cheese your choice- i’m using white american cause I always have it in my fridge.*
-1 egg
-cajun seasoning of your choice**
-1 tbsp light cream cheese

lightly toast bread
heat the turkey or cook the shredded chicken breast with cajun seasoning
top the turkey with a slice of cheese
on the top piece of bread spread the cream cheese
cook up the egg sunny side up or over easy
top the egg with the other slice of cheese cover to melt
top sandwich with the egg and cheese
eat with a fork and knife.

can you say yum!
the over easy egg runs all over the sandwich as you eat it and makes it gooey and delicious. I have also topped this with a little sundried tomato vinaigrette to give it a little extra zing. A honey dijon would also be good, although the dressings aren’t necessary.

*If you are using regular cheese, use half inside and half on top. to make it go further rip it into little pieces before placing inside or on top, when it melts you won’t realize it wasn’t covering the entire sandwich

**The cajun seasoning is not a must but it does kick up the flavor a little bit. If you’d prefer you can heat up the meat with nothing and just season the egg with salt and pepper or if you’re watching your sodium content just pepper.

Its only about 400 calories for the whole sandwich and who doesn’t love that for a great breakfast brunch or lunch!


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