Day 1 Review

Well yesterday was the first day of this 46 day journey. And It had some high points and some low points. I started off the day feeling like I could take on the world and ended the day feeling totally defeated. Of my 7 things on the list, I managed to do 5 of the 7, which is a pretty good start.

1- I did yoga yesterday, so that was my workout. I also planned out the rest of my workouts for the next 45 days, that way I know whats coming. Today is intense cardio. So I think I will do either KenpoX or Fire45/55/60.

2- I did a fairly good job eating healthy for most of the day. It was hard with not being able to eat meat. I supplemented with a protein bar and protein packed cereal, plus shrimp with dinner. But that didn’t quite make it as far as I needed it to. I did log all my calories and although I didn’t hit my goal of 1500, I was closer to 1800, its a start for a first day. Today I will work down a little and try to be closer to the 1700 mark and that means by Saturday I should be at the 1500 mark (which is a general mark, I want to be at a 500 calorie deficit for the day, so if my workout pushes me to 2500 calories burned I want to be around the 2000 calorie mark. But its a work in progress.

3- Reading was my choice for this yesterday. I read about 4 chapters in the book I’m currently reading (Undercover In High Heels by Gemma Halliday). Today I will be reading some more as I have to spend some time at the social security office and the dmv (yay…) But I will also be trying to give myself a manicure as my nails are in desperate need!

4- I got all of these done. Plain and simple and I will again today.

5- This is one of the ones I didn’t do. My stress level by the end of the night was through the roof. Between signing house paperwork and looking for a job, the overwhelming feeling of dread was washing over me fast! I tried my best to not worry about the things that I couldn’t control, but the stress overpowered. Today we will try to get a little better with this…

6- Technically this is the other one I didn’t do, as who can really expect to find a job overnight. But I did look for one, and I put out another 5 resumes/applications. So although I didn’t complete it, I did work towards it, and to me that is a success. So we will count this as a half done from now on as long as I applied for jobs and we’ll count it as 3/4 done if I manage to score an interview.

7- If you’re reading this I obviously completed it. Not much needs to be said for this one.

Overall I feel yesterday was a success. Although it was definitely a window into what is to come over the next 45 days. It will be a long hard journey, with some definite ups and downs. Lets just hope I learn to deal with the downs a little easier over the course of it, and that the ups start triumphing over the unavoidable downs.

Wish me luck!

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