Day 3 goin strong!

Well, day 3 is now over and I’d say it was even better than day 2. Hopefully that is a trend that continues.

Yesterday’s workout kicked my ass. I feel like I’m waddling everywhere I go. Nick says I’m being over dramatic but seriously, my body feels like its falling apart! Today will be yoga again, which is good because it should help stretch out the soreness, but bad because I’m going to look awfully silly trying to do a down dog and not being able too cause I’m so sore! Either way tomorrow is my day off of working out which is good cause I need it after these last few days!

I somehow managed to eat really healthy yesterday and even got my ratios pretty close to where I wanted them. (they ended up at 42/34/26) Considering we couldn’t eat meat yesterday was pretty damn good! For dinner I cooked a reduced fat shrimp scampi, and you would have never known that I used less butter and oil than it called for! Holy cow was it delicious! Overall my calories were at 1550, which is right where they needed to be. Success!

I read a lot again, and figured out that I’ve read 4 books in February alone. They’re nothing special, just easy readers, but quite frankly right now I’m sick of tv and would rather read a book any day. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy being a mindless drone on occasion and watching tv but when I have nothing to do, give me a book instead. (plus while Nick plays Modern Warfare 3 I can read… Works out well) Still putting off that manicure, I think I might give in and just go somewhere so that they start growing out nicer…

One thing I kinda forgot about was taking a multivitamin, I know I need to do it, but I always forget. I can’t take them in the morning cause they make me nauseous but I can’t seem to remember to take them at night before I go to bed. Going to try to remember tonight!

While I may be over dramatic (according to Nick) I did manage to stress a little less yesterday. Working out is definitely helping a little. As is having something to focus on (this challenge). Hopefully that continues. When I’m done with my current book series (now on book 4 of 5) I think I’ll read a book my mom got me years ago that I blew off… Life’s a bitch, and then you change your attitude. Think she was hinting at something! haha

Job search wasn’t as good yesterday as I hoped it would be, I only applied for 1 position as most of them I was under qualified for or were manufacturing jobs… My dad things I should finish getting my bachelor’s degree since I’m only a year and a half from graduating. But I have no idea how that would work. Probably something I should have done before we got married as now I have a double income and won’t get much for federal assistance. I’ll still check it out to see cause you never know, right?

I am quite excited for my day off from this tomorrow. Mostly for the food aspect. Sunday’s are my normal eating day (I don’t want to say cheat day cause that makes it seem like I’m going to eat chocolate, ice cream and cake or something). I have a breakfast date with Nick’s cousin, Becky, and then we are doing dinner with the in-laws. So I’m not going to be cheating so much as just not counting every calorie that goes into my body. It will be nice to not worry about that for a day. Then its back to normal Monday morning!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wish me luck!

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