So I was a little disappointed this morning… I weighed myself, and I only went down .2 lbs… and everything else stayed the same for the most part….

weight 143.6 lbs
body fat 29.2%
body water 48.7%
bone mass 7 lbs
muscle mass 42.9 lbs

Although I did have a little issue this morning which made things slightly different… I went to bed last night with my stomach growling and when I woke up early this morning I felt like I was going to get sick, which often happens when I go to be over hungry rather than just slightly hungry… So I had to drink an entire bottle of water and eat a piece of bread in order to curb the sick feeling. Which could have thrown off my results slightly. I’m debating on reweighing myself again tomorrow to see if it did. Not sure though, Although it is a little sad that I’ve worked my butt off and i only lost .2 lbs…

I did take my measurements which I will only be doing once a month… And they are as follows from the top of the body down…

Neck – 12.5″
Arm – 13″
Bust – 37″
Chest – 32″
Waist – 31″
Hips – 39.5″
Thigh – 22″
Calf – 14.5″

Hopefully on October 16 they will all be down lower… My fingers are crossed

Wish me luck

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