Driftwood Jewelry Update

So if you’ve been reading you know I’ve taken up making jewelry out of driftwood as a hobby to help keep my hands and mind busy.  So far so good.  I made the ring for myself which I posted on here already

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And then for my mom for Mother’s Day I made her a key chain with the heart z we both have tattooed on us.  (mine on my neck hers on her shoulder).  And then I made myself a necklace with the same heart on it.  Its simple and dainty but it works.

While I was about to start on some earrings a piece of wood broke off and I thought it would make a good necklace so I just finished that yesterday.

I have one more piece still in the works, the pair of earrings, still in the carving stage.  And who knows what I’ll do after that.  It seems to be determined by the driftwood and how it inspires me.

Not sure what I’ll do with the other necklace as I don’t need to keep a HUGE collection of driftwood for myself.  Might send them to my mom’s wig shop to sell along side some of the other trinkets and jewelry she sells.  We shall see, but here are the pics of the most recent ones.  As soon as the others are done I’ll post them too.

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