Driftwood Ring

I had told all of you that I would be doing a combo of woodworking and jewelry.  I made my first every piece!  A driftwood ring, and I love it!  I’m not a huge fan of the fitting on it, but there wasn’t a huge selection to choose from…  Overall it was easy to make, and it was fun to work with.  Its been fun to play around with different finishes and techniques.

My first piece was made out of a small piece that Nick found, sanitized in a bleach solution, dried out in the oven, sanded smooth, coated in a butcher block oil then finished with 6 coats of water-based glossy finish varnish (sanding in between coats).

I think it turned out great.  Although originally I intended on making it a 2 finger ring, it ended up being slightly too small for that, plus I couldn’t find a 2 finger finding ANYWHERE that wasn’t pure silver and $85!

I think I’ll be making the next one for someone else.  As soon as I get started on it, I’ll keep updating.  Maybe I’ll even take pictures of the process instead of just the final look!

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