After thinking about a couple of different hobbies I could do I setteled on a few that I can begin immediately, and the rest will have to wait until we’re in the new house (in 8ish weeks)

Jewelry Making
Wood Working
Rock Climbing
Glass Blowing (at least once)
Creative Writing
Beer Brewing
Wine Making

Some of these I can start right away.  But to start with I decided to do some jewelry making out of wood.  Combining the top two things.  I also want to write at least once a day  (even if its just for 30 mins)  And photography is another thing I’d like to do a little more often, just for fun.

As for painting, which I adore, I need to wait until we have more room and same for wine and beer making.  Archery has a slightly more expensive start up cost, but I will look into getting a bow in a few months or so.

After deciding this is what I was going to do I found out that Nick and I brought home a dremel, dremel drill press and a soldering gun from Uncle Ray’s house when we were cleaning it out.  This will totally come in handy!  Plus all of my supplies from my architecture classes, I’m set to go!

Nick and I went to the beach this weekend and collected some driftwood for me to use.  I love driftwood, its so unique!  The driftwood is now soaking in a bleach and water solution to clean it, and then I have to dry it.  This is the one part that I haven’t quite figured out.  Right now with the humidity rising on a daily basis I don’t want it to take 3 weeks to dry out, so I am looking into options other than letting them sit out in the sun.

I am very excited for all of the different options I have in this regard.  I’ll keep you guys posted on how everything progresses!


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  1. Toni Zuba

    You can send the wood to Arizona to dry out! Don’t laugh, I’m serious!

    • LaurenRenee

      You’re right, I could, but I feel like that would take 2 weeks, between mailing it, it drying, and mailing it back… I’m going to try baking it

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