Easter, Vlogs and Social Media

Hi Guys!

I hope everyone had a great Easter and a great weekend overall.  Mine was EXHAUSTING!  I’m so over my history class, seriously.  Only a couple weeks left and its a good thing!  On another note I filmed a couple of videos for YouTube, yesterday and today.  Today was quite funny actually, I started filming and then the dog came over to give me a kiss.  Continued filming and she decided it was time to get a drink, noisily.  Then the phone rang (It was Sears, a vlog about that coming too).  Bella then decided barking would be a good idea.  That was followed by Nick calling!  It felt like it was never going to end, luckily though I was able to get the filming finished!  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to edit it, if I’m able to get my homework done in time.  Goal is to get one of the videos up on YouTube on Wednesday, so stay tuned for that.

Also for those of you who don’t know, I am now in charge of social media at work!  Its kind of fun and exciting to be able to incorporate the things I love doing at home for fun into work!  So if you live in the Southern Maine/New Hampshire area please like Eldredge Lumber on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter.  Plus follow the Atlantic Design Center on Twitter too!  I will also be taking care of the websites in the near future, once I get the social media sites in a decent spot!  Its an exciting new challenge on top of my existing work duties!

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