Finally got a scale!!!

So, after 2 weeks of waiting, I finally got my scale!!! And I finally weighed myself this morning! And…… drum roll please……. I lost another 4 lbs! And another 2.5% body fat! I haven’t been able to weigh myself in a long time, since the day after i got back from the wedding, and then I was up 3 pounds from the vacation! So, really I am down 7 lbs from then, but 4 lbs from my recent lowest =]

We got the taylor scale that does weight, body fat, body water, bone mass, and muscle mass, and although I’m not sure what I need the last 2 for, it will at least give me a few more things to keep track of every week.

Weight : 143.8 lb
Body Fat : 29.2%
Body water : 48.6%
Bone Mineral Mass : 7lb
Muscle Mass : 42.9lb

So, I am at the half way point to my 2nd goal of 7 lbs. I’ve been kicking ass in my workouts, doing power90 sweat every day and sculpt every other day, and on the occasion a biggest loser workout, like I did today.

Dave has been doing good too, he is down about 10 lbs! Its nice working out together, although right now we are on opposite schedules because of 1 random day where I did both and he only felt like doing one, which is fine, it makes for some entertaining workouts!

So, here’s to 14lbs down, 3 more to go on this mini goal, then another 5, then another 5, but thats getting ahead of myself, down to 140 first!

Wish me luck!

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