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So, since with p90x you should keep track of your weight lifting and all of thats stuff, not to mention the food part of it, I’m starting a real fitness and food journal. I bought a real nice journal at walmart yesterday, and I’m going to start it today and fill in my last few days, to help me keep track of what portions I ate, to make it a little easier, I will still be doing livestrong, and this, but I’d like to have something I can carry with me to help me out a little. Plus having a detailed account on paper should help me stay motivated.

Yesterday was jackson’s first birthday so I cheated a little and had a SMALL piece of cake with chocolate frosting (that I made from scratch, yum). I didn’t have my carb earlier in the day so that i would be able to eat it… And I also counted it as my fat and my snack for the day. So I kinda cheated, all in all calorie wise I was still at the same place, but I had more carbs and fat during the day than I have all week, but I’m back to normal this week.

Yoga was really difficult yesterday, I’ve never really done normal yoga in my life, little bits here and there, but never a full on yoga workout. I’ve done bikram yoga but that is COMPLETELY different. But I finished it, I fell all over the place, but I finished it. Hopefully next week it will be a little easier for me. About to go on a run, Haven’t done that in a while, but I figure, why not… So I’ll do that and then come back for my legs back and abs routine.

Wish me luck!

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