Garnier Miracle Dry Oil

Its Sunday Snow Day!  So here is a bonus post!

BzzAgent comes through again, sending me another full size product to try for free!  This time its a new hybrid type oil from Garnier Fructis.  This is a new kind of oil that although comes out of their hair care Triple Nutrition line is not just made to be used on hair, it can also be used on the skin and even the face!  Pretty impressive when you think about it.  Olive, Shea and Avocado oils are combined to create this dry textured spray.  It has a very light scent and leaves no oily residue.

At first glance I was intrigued.  I’ve never seen or heard of this type of product.  Most are hair and skin, some are face and skin, none are all three!  Needless to say I was excited to try it out, but also a bit apprehensive.

To be completely honest I hate the sprayer!  I feel like to sprays entirely too much product out of it at once, and with this, a little goes a very long way.  I wish it was more like a perfume atomizer that gave off more of a mist than the spritzer. 

The only way I think the sprayer works is on the skin.  If you’re applying to your body after a shower, spraying is just easier because of the surface area, but then you still need to massage it into the skin.  I use about 4 sprays per leg, 2 per arm, and about 2 for my back.  Once massaged in it feels dry and silky smooth almost immediately!  It really reminds me of the texture (and scent) of Avon SkinSoSoft.  (Which totally reminds me of childhood by the way!)  After 3 days I wouldn’t say it has moisturized my skin any more, but the silky soft feeling I have is wonderful, and I have noticed my skin isn’t quite so itchy during this super dry winter.

Once I’m done with my skin I move onto my hair.  The first time I used it, I just sprayed it twice over my hair and combed it through, but that left my hair crazy shiny but looking entirely too oily.  Like I said before a little goes a really way.  The next day I decided to spray it on my hands (one spray this time) and run it through my hair as you would Biosilk Silk Therapy or CHI Silk Infusion.  Although it wasn’t nearly as bad as the first time, still looked too oily at my roots.  Finally I figured out that if I just put it on my hands and then run it through the ends only, it turns out perfectly!  A beautiful shine that runs throughout, a silky smooth texture, and lastly it seems to have shortened my drying time!  My hair is just too fine to use on dry hair.

Lastly on my face.  This is where I was most leery.  I’ve had super sensitive skin over the last year and was worried about putting an extra product on my face.  I’ve been only sticking to the basics of skin care, cleanser, retinoid, moisturizer.  But I wanted to try this out to see how it worked or if it worked for me.  My face has been super dry this winter, drier than ever before.  I tried it alone with out a moisturizer underneath it and although my skin was silky smooth my face was just entirely too dry and I ended up putting a moisturizer on top.  Next I tried it putting a moisturizer on underneath which worked much better, but its a tough balance for me.  I did find that the best way for me to apply it is instead of spraying it on my hands and applying it sparingly like the directions say that for me the best way was to apply it to my body and use any excess product on my face.  That way I wasn’t applying too much.

Overall I really do like the product.  It is very versatile which is always a perk.  I love the smell and the texture.  Unfortunately I don’t think its right for my face right now, that will probably be a different story in the spring or summer.  But right now my face is just too much of a guessing game.  Trying to keep it stable on a regular basis is a challenge.  Now that I’ve figured out how to get this to work with my hair I will continue to use it.  I love the brilliant shine and silky smooth texture it gives!  And lastly on my skin, I love love love this on my skin.  Like I said, it reminds me of childhood.  I’ve always loved Avon’s version its just so inconvenient to buy.  This is a great deal too at $5.99 for the bottle.

Check it out next time you’re at the store, you might just like it! (Plus here’s a coupon!)

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