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The next product we’re talking about from my June Birchbox is the fragrance Hello from Harvey and Prince.  I’m not a huge perfume person, I like perfume but I’m not the type to have a ton of choices.  I usually pick one and stick with it till the bottle is empty, although I do like occasionally getting perfumes so that I know what I like when I’m needing to pick up a new one.  My current bottle is Viva La Juicy, I say that because Hello reminds me of the VLJ.  Not exact, but really close and it seems like it lasts longer.  It’s also a whole lot cheaper!  A 50ml (1.7oz) bottle retails for $55.00  I think its a great option if you want a good quality less expensive option.  Its on my list for next spring/summer fragrance to purchase!

Wednesday we’ll be talking about the Davines Hair Products!

If you’re interested in the Lip Lube I got click here!

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