Houses, Birthdays and Memoirs, Oh My!

Well its been a crazy couple of weeks since I posted last.  And I apologize for not being able to post as often as I’d like.  My goal is to post 3 times a week!  So hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll be able to keep up with that.

A lot has happened since my last post:
Started back at work
Mother’s Day came and went
I turned 27
Our house was set in place
My memoir class came to an end

Work has been just that…  Work.  Its been busy which is good, unfortunately there has been a lot of mindless work in regards to chopping work.  I enjoy it, but it just leaves a lot of time for my mind to wander and start playing games with myself and my food.

Mother’s day was chaotic at work, as usual, but went rather smoothly compared to expected.  Shockingly enough I didn’t even have to work the 10-12 hour day that I was expecting.  I was only in for exactly 8 hours!  Afterwards we went to Olive Garden and I did something I haven’t done in years.  I ordered something other than soup and salad, and I actually enjoyed my meal!  Short Ribs and Tortelloni is delish!  Just sayin!

My birthday turned out great, even though we were expecting to set the house that day.  We ended up shooting at the lot, and then I donated blood.  Later on we met up with Luke and Melissa, walked through our house and then enjoyed a dinner at this cute little restaurant in South Berwick.

Our house went up two days later on Saturday.  I worked that morning but got the ok to leave immediately after service was over.  I was there by 11am with plenty of time to see the second half of the house set.  It was CRAZY!  I loved being able to see it finished in place.  It was awesome to see people and to enjoy a drink in our living room with people!  Can’t wait for it to be finished and to move in!

Going to the memoir class was by far one of the best things I could have done.  Not only did it help me in terms of knowing where to start with a memoir, but it also taught me how good of a writer I can be if I put my mind to it.  I’m not a huge fan of reading things out loud especially in public.  But here I had to, and it was a good thing.  Not only was I reading out loud, but I was reading something that was very personal that I wrote and listening to constructive criticism.  I will post these online so that you can read them.  My first one turned out ok, but they go progressively better from there.  I hope to keep in touch with my classmates to help get feedback.  As I keep writing I’ll keep posting it online, I hope you guys will give constructive criticism to me to help bring out the best in my writing.

And lastly during all of these things I have been going to therapy.  I have also been reading 8 Keys to Recovering from an Eating Disorder.  It has been helpful, maybe even more than therapy itself.  The book has some writing assignments and those help you to not just to see where you have been and why but also help with progress to help see where you are going.  I have had at least one mega meltdown a few days ago, which was really hard but it did really help both Nick and me.  We were able to talk though it and both understand where I am right now and what can help.  I am calling a nutritionist tomorrow which should help.  And Tina from work recommended a food therapist to see if that might help me out.  I’ll keep you guys posted!

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  1. Nikki

    Proud of you lauren, Keep going!!! You’re an amazing person!! I love you!

  2. Toni Zuba

    Although I hate the 3 hour time change, you know you can talk to me anytime…love you <3

  3. Marc & Sue

    So proud of you Lauren. You are such a wonderful and caring person. We love you.

  4. LaurenRenee

    Thanks guys 🙂

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