How an Aesthetician Saved My Skin!

Over the last couple of years I’ve have horrendous problems with my skin. (As I talked about yesterdayhere… oh and here…)  And after being completely fed up with my skin I gave in and decided to go for a facial.  And I don’t mean relax in a dark room with incents, I mean working facial to try to get my skin back to normal (or at least what was normal for me.) Since I wanted a working facial I opted to go to Ulta where there are bright lights, and the aestheticians use Dermalogica and are of course licensed, and hey, it doesn’t hurt that I also earned points on my rewards card! (I’m hoarding them for a massive haul!) My first meeting Jacqueline at Ulta in South Portland, Maine was pleasant.  She was nice and understanding of my concerns, but even more importantly, she wanted to help me resolve the situation.  She gave me a facial tailored to my skin and incorporating the Ultra Calming line of Dermalogica.  And then she shocked me with a recommendation to get allergy tested (see my experience here). PicsArt_1409588083065 The picture above on the left is about 4 months ago, the right is last week. Still a lot of work to be done, but its a start. It’s been a while (about 6 months) since my last facial with Jacqueline and I decided to treat myself to another working facial this weekend.  Again she was very pleasant asked about my concerns, read through ingredient lists and then gave me a thorough facial including extractions.  And then she shocked me again by telling me she things I have mild Rosacea!  She told me to pay attention when I eat spicy foods or when I drink alcohol or caffeine. By the end of the day my skin was already looking better and by the time I woke up the next morning it was like I had a brand new face!  Don’t get me wrong, those pesky little pimples were still there and the red marks from the extractions but I’ll take that over the mess I went in with any day! I try to treat myself AT LEAST twice a year, preferably ever quarter.  How often do you treat yourself to a facial?

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