I need a hobby!

As I have started discussing my personal issues with not only my body but also my issues with the food and/or drinks that go into it, I feel honesty is a necessity here.

After the previous posts, that many of you have read, Nick and I discussed everything and determined that seeing a therapist would be very beneficial.  The introductory appointment was this week and although I was a big ball of nerves going into it, all went well.  One of the hardest things you can do is admit that you need help.  In all aspects of life it is difficult, we always try to be so strong.  In this case, it was even harder than expected.  Irregardless of that though, it was obvious to me that I couldn’t do this alone, and although Nick is a therapist, burdening him and our marriage with this seemed irresponsible.  (Even though he was more than willing to help) After my appointment, I felt relief, that weight was finally lifted off my shoulders.

I have been diagnosed with an Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, the most common eating disorder.  I refuse to let it define me, instead I am hopeful that this will help me grow and understand who I am.  My homework for the next two weeks is to review some of the recommended websites ( and and read up on a book or two.  As well as to consider seeing a nutritionist.  I have also decided I need a hobby or two, to help keep my mind off of things.  Not sure what I’ll do yet, but I’m open to ideas!

I fully intend on keeping everyone in the loop and being as open as I comfortably can be.  Thank you for your support, it is appreciated more than you could ever imagine.

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    • LaurenRenee

      Thinking about it. the counting and numbers involved might be good for me. Maybe in the winter time, something weird about knitting in the middle of the summer… 🙂

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