In the beginning

Ok, so here is some back story. I’ve struggled with my weight all my life, well most of it, and for all of my adult life. I’ve had skinny times and fat times just like most of us, but unfortunately my fat times have been more prevalent than fat times. At my skinniest I was at 138 lbs after doing the Cookie Diet, which helped me lose 20 lbs. Unfortunately while in culinary school with my hectic schedule I managed to gain it all back. My problem was I lacked the time to work out… Seems like a lame excuse (typical but lame), but that was my excuse. Once out of culinary school I moved to Florida to do my externship working for Disney. Which was an amazing experience but not so much for the weighloss aspect of it. There wasn’t room in the fridge for healthful foods (sharing an apartment with 5 other girls) and Disney serves HUGE portions, which are so amazingly tastey that you eat the entire thing. I was there for 5 months and upon my return decided I needed to do something. So here we are. The beginning of my road to fitness.

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