Laura Gellar Cool Lids

First of all, let me just say, the pictures of this don’t do it justice…  Not even close!  This is the most beautiful rose gold color!  It goes on super creamy, blends beautifully and on top of that, IT DOESN’T CREASE!  Now I know a lot of cream shadows out there tout that they are crease resistant, and honestly most of them still crease on me!  This one however actually follows through!  Even without a primer (which I almost always use just in case) not only was there no creasing, but it also stayed put all day!

Cool Lids Package

I was a little apprehensive about the tube it’s in.  It looks nice, but I was worried about being able to dispense the product easily without using too much.  And I was pleasantly surprised.  It comes out of the tube easily (it doesn’t sputter out like some do), its super creamy and easy to apply with fingers or a brush.  The only down side to the tube if you end up with too much there is now way to put it back in the tube (not that you would really want to because that’s unsanitary, but sometimes I use a palette knife or brush end to scrape some onto the back of my hand and sometimes I realize immediately that it’s too much!)

Cool Lids dot

Cool Lids swatch





The size of the sample is HUGE!  The same size as some other full size products I’ve gotten!  I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with this product.  I would love to go out and buy a couple other colors because this one definitely impressed!

Laura Gellar Guilded Rose

In the end – I definitely recommend this if you’re into cream shadows or if you’re looking to try a good one but not sure where to start!  Not only is this perfect on its own but it also makes for a great base for any shadows you may be wanting to try out!  It retails for $19.00

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