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I’ve tried Tarte mascaras a couple of times and definitely liked them.  Not enough to justify the $20 price point when there are so many amazing drugstore versions but I’ve always been impressed with them more than any other prestige mascara that I’ve tried.


I got a sample of the Lights, Camera, Lashes right after it came out and loved it, but with me having SO many mascaras, never bought the full size.  Last month I bought the Ulta Summer Glam set which had 7 deluxe samples of prestige products.  One of these products was the waterproof version of the mascara I had loved ages ago!

Let me preface this by stating that I HATE waterproof mascara.  I feel like it always leaves my lashes feeling crisp and brittle, plus its SOOOOO hard to remove!  However I understand that there are moments in life where you absolutely need to have waterproof mascara, panda eyes are never a good idea!

That being said, I love this in both the regular version AND the waterproof Lights, Camera, Splashes!  The mascara goes on beautifully with a brush that is not too big and not to small, builds nicely, dries quickly and leaves your lashes feeling soft and looking their best!  When I rinsed my eyes with just water the mascara didn’t budge nor did the lashes clump together.  The deluxe packaging is cute purple and gold but the full size is adorbs!  It’s a purple leather packaging with an embossed design and gold details.  I love it! (I have heard of some people’s leather cover coming off after a lot of use, but even if that happened, I’d super glue it and still be a happy camper!)

Before on top, after on bottom

Before on top, after on bottom

It is a great option for someone who is in need of waterproof but doesn’t like the crisp feeling, but be ready with a Waterproof Makeup Remover as this stuff doesn’t budge without it!  Lights, Camera, Splashes is available at Ulta, Sephora, QVC, and for a retail price of $20.00

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