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Here is a bonus post to make up for one I missed last week!  Lastly in my June Birchbox is the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish.  This had been sitting in my cart on Birchbox for MONTHS!  I was finishing up my Body Shop cleansing butter and was really looking to purchase this one next.  I was so excited when I saw it in my box!  Nothing better than getting to try out something you already wanted to see if you are actually going to like it. 

Liz Earle 1

Overall as a cleansing balm it works great.  I’ve tried many over the years (click here for my review of some) and this one falls in the top 4, just missing out on the top 3.  It does a great job at removing any extra makeup and even gets off the waterproof stuff.  The thing that bumps it out of the top 3 is the scent.  Although it’s meant to be a eucalyptus type smell, it smells more like plastic/rubber to me.  Like the black rubber tubes at a waterpark (WaterWorld in PHX used to have them…  Brought back childhood memories) as much as I love the stroll down memory lane, it isn’t the stroll I want when I’m cleansing my face.  My top 3 are still the Body Shop, Boots, and Lush Ultrabland (which I can’t use anymore, so I guess it would make the top 3 of ones I can use).  The Cleanse and Polish retails at $21.00 for 3.3oz or $24.50 with 2 muslin cloths. 

Speaking of the muslin cloths, I was not a huge fan of this, I like my cloth to maintain some of the warmth as I’m removing the cleanser and this just cooled down too quickly.  I’ll stick with a soft washcloth or microfiber cloth.  In the end I won’t be buying this simply because I wasn’t a huge fan of the scent.  I did think it did a great job but for the price I don’t want to be smelling WaterWorld every night!

That’s it for my June Birchbox! For the detailed reviews on my other products see below:
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Tomorrow we’ll be going onto my June Ipsy bag!  So stay tuned for that!

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  2. Lisa

    I’ve been getting my BirchBox for so many months now, but I’m not sure anymore. Have you tried Vain Pursuits? It’s similar to BirchBox

    • LaurenRenee

      I haven’t heard of that one, but I’ll definitely look into it. The reason I love Birchbox so much is because of the points system, I currently have $50 worth of points saved up and can’t wait to do a Birchbox Haul! I’d say before you cancel you should switch up your profile and see if you get more products you’re interested in. I did that the first couple months and now I’m loving most of what I get! XO

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