Maine Maple Syrup Sunday

Yesterday was Maine Maple Syrup Sunday where all of the producers of syrup invite the public to come visit and learn about how syrup is produced plus some tasting and for the kids lots of fun stuff.

We went to 4-H first for some pancakes and fresh syrup.  It was pretty delish.  although I do wish somewhere would do waffles instead of pancakes, I like them so much more!   Anyway, it was brutally windy and eating pancakes outside in the cold isn’t so much fun.  But it did state good, plus when we were done we went into the sugar shack to see the boiling and it was nice and warm in there.

After we left we decided to go to Chase Farms.  It was the first year for them, and it was pretty packed!  We had to park over 1/4 mile away (not that we didn’t need the exercise after the pancakes).  We walked in to see maple donuts, maple whoopie pies, maple candy, plus other delicious goodies!  They had face painting, ice cream and they even had carriage rides to the sugar shacks.  While waiting for the carriage ride the barn was open to see all the animals.  On top of the 2 horses (Bill and Bud) pulling the carriage they had 2 more (Tim and Tom).  Plus 2 bulls (Oscar and Floyd) and a bunch of cows.  3 of the cows had just given birth and one is due tomorrow!  The calves were adorable and the horses were such gentle giants!  (we got to watch them get ready to switch out the horses.

After we were done with our maple extravaganza (with syrup and taffy in hand).  We went home to paint!  For those of you who haven’t seen the pictures, follow me on instagram (reallaurenrenee) twitter (reallaurenrenee) or facebook (laurenrenee2112)!

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